snippets of my life

cat allergy

surprise from an oink production!! mandy aka demightyshiva, de mighty baker/crafter babe, has once again surprised moi with a super sweet and thoughtful care package! eeppp!! i was feeling SICK for abit,many days back. not sick, but SICK. and she so understands the feeling of THAT SICKness. and ta-da! just a couple days later after she got word of my apparent SICKness, i got a cute little package with cutey piggy drawings, a very kind letter on a very pretty kitty postcard, cut kitty plastic charms, and… the best for last… a really pretty pair of kitty earrings! all nicely wrapped in tissue paper

for the record. demightyshiva DESTESTS cats. she won’t hurt them or spit on them or anything. but she’ll most probably go “eeww” when she sees any. she has sacrificed the pain of touching cat-related things for the sake of preparing a little care package for kitty-lover me. gosh. how traumatising it must have been for her cat-allergic skin cells.

oh did i mention excellent craftsmenship? even b could make a statement like “it doesn’t look like those cheapo ones those girls are making out there like nobody’s business….” hahaha! s


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