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hocus pocus

my horoscope readings, very excitedly and loudly pointed out to me by jerry —

“it’s a good time to be discreet about your options, whether they’re career-related or personal. some envious types are looking to cause mischief. don’t give them the opportunity to do it on your watch.”

courtesy of the straits times

if you know the inside joke… you would for sure go totally ballistic!!!! hahaha!

oh and super appreciative thanks to petrina my dear cousin, jerry my dear friend, and alicia my dear customer for your concerned smses and emails! to get all these from you three different people in the very same single day, about the very same issue… it’s just… woow… wild… and this is starting to be some prickly bugger irritating the shit out of me…. sigh… you guys have to know that there’s really nothing at all i can do okay? whether or not imitation is the best form of flattery, i’ll be chanting it everyday to maintain my low blood pressure. haha

anyhow… gazillion apologies for all yet-to-be-answered/read emails!!!!! i’m almost more than 2 weeks behind quite a number of emails!!?? too much stuff going on… work to be done… activities to do… hanging out with people i like ….. all of which have been super! (but of course! i had my very first cup of yummylicious coffee and alcohol last week!! whooppee! but then i also had slight gastric pains while having sushi dinner with tracy…. and then jollibee came to the rescue with soya milk. b and mao says we should brand all soya milk stores and products with the red-cross sign. ppfftttt. yes. but i never learn. i had a wild drinking session last night. ha) but very time-consuming… the days have flown by so quickly… when one is happily busy… lots of this and that. march has been c r a z y ! and it’ll still be for awhile, at least until summer is here!

so please bear with me, i’ll try to catch up with you all this week….

have a safe flight, dan+yungi+hailey!!!! hope to see ya all this sept in your turf. ha


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