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i’m such a professional bitch

… that i disgust myself sometimes….


Hi there, once again everything sold out – great for you guys but a real pain to have waited for the restock only to find nothing left. please take me off your mailing list



I’m very sorry that you were not able to purchase what you had intended to because they are sold out. Please accept our apologies for the displeasure this has caused you.

I am a one-woman business with only a small group of sewers assisting me in making all our handmade products possible, and some of our more popular items always tend to sell-out faster than we can re-stock them. We have been and are still trying our best to cater to everyone’s requests, most of our designs are very limited in numbers because we believe in not mass-producing designs. We also have a waiting list, and these are the people who are notified first once their requested item(s) are available, which also explains why our some of our items sell out very quickly once they are newly listed or re-stocked.

If you’re still interested, feel free to let us know which are the specific item(s) you had in mind and we will place you on the waiting list for them. You might also like to note that we update the shoppe at least once every week, and we send out newsletters only when there is a larger update. We hope you can understand that our customers’ enthusiastic response is beyond our control.

Your email has been removed from our mailing list, thanks for your subscription previously, and we hope you have a nice week ahead,

Best Rgds,





6 thoughts on “i’m such a professional bitch”

  1. >she didn’t, and i didn’t expect her to either… i get such bizarre emails every week. some as ridiculous as this as well – i’m not the only one haha

  2. >Whoa! Do people really write you such rude emails? I guess they suscribe to your list because they have no friends and just want their inbox to have something new in it every so often. Maybe you should make a ‘I’m so sorry that you are pitiful’ form email.

  3. >I think I have loads to learn from all this – and also the patience that I would need once the shop is open. Thank you, O great Lynda, for pointing out the silliness of their requests and thoughts. *bow*

  4. >tscd~ooooh yes, people do write such rude emails, not often, but enough. when i first got my very first one, i was like “wtf!!!?” then now i’m all cool and like “yeah, whatever biatch.” hahahaamy!~please don’t mistake my “can’t-be-botheredness” for patience, haha

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