my work is my life

oh sigh

i’ve contracted a case of “the grass is always greener on the other side” recently …..

especially so since last week…when a producer of the martha stewart show emailed me about littleoddforest…. and then i so wished i was in the states instead of oceans away…. i’ll bring you along if i could, mandy, martha fan-fanatic. ha.. but i can’t even be there myself babe… 😦

everytime i have friends from abroad visiting me in singapore, i always suffer from this relapse…. all thanks to 3 crazy americans…. siao ang mohs… thanks for the awesome time guys, i’ll miss you!!!! i never knew the area where some budget lodgings are in little india area was so cool. quite sadly (if you think so :p) all i know of are resorts/hotels with private jacuzzis and the like… oh, which, by the way, they did get to enjoy for 2 days at siloso resort :pp

i always wonder why people you seldom get to meet or talk to seem to know more about and understand your thoughts and feelings, believe in you more, and seem to be more interested to know much more, than most of the people you are surrounded by everyday here or are related to, for that matter…. the “other” culture and life atttitudes seem to be much more accepting of me right now…

my mood last week was like the weather… gloomy…. and drizzling like someone’s randonly spitting from high above… and thinking alot about the “what-ifs”…

fuck this silly melodramatic melancholy mood. i’m back to my good old springy hyper self! and back to worky worky work! ha

and to the rude emailer last week, fuck you. my business was started with my own little savings, on my own self, and i paid for help that was provided, even by b, discounted or subsidised or not, i paid for it. my “rich” dad was never ever involved, financially or physically. my “rich” mum, i pay her for help she provides. my “rich” relatives, we don’t connect like that. i wasn’t brought up to ask for free help or to accept any. i worked hard for everything i have, and along the way, i meet nice and kind people who have given me a helping hand here and there. nothing was free for me. i even pay to stay and work in my own home. so go fuck with someone else’s mind. fuck yourself if you’re so gawd damn free. thanks.


8 thoughts on “oh sigh”

  1. >Don’t worry – we all go through times like that. I’ve missed out on a number of cool environmental opportunities because I couldn’t afford to travel, but it’s not the end of the world. Your business has been featured in some great magazines and I don’t doubt that it will continue to get more attention in the future.Whoever gave you crap in an e-mail last week is a total ass; screw them, you rock, and I know it. 🙂

  2. >Mayb u shldnt hv mentioned u couldn’t bake for the love of god. Just teasing babe! Did u email bk to tell her abt ur Sept trip???? Pls CHEER UP! i’ll call ya tmr! PICK UP OKAY

  3. >Always thought of you as talented gal here in Singapore. Never thought you ‘depended’ on any connections to get to where you are now. Being a crafter myself, I refer your site, Etsy shop to many other friends, as I think your stuffs are cool!Rude people are everywhere, don’t let them get the best of you. 🙂

  4. >Oh babe – martha stewart’s producers called you! OMG! You so freak me out, but in the bestest way possible 🙂 And don’t you bother about what others say –– good gawd I’ve been trying to keep my chin up as well. *HUGS*

  5. >Da,Don’t you worry about what others say, you just have to know it in yourself and that is good enough. As for the missed opportunity, sometimes we just have to take things one at a time, there are still plenty of other great chances out there waiting for you. Your mother is busy with her own business but she knows that you are doing her proud. Take good care of yourself okay? God bless.Love,Auntie Jen

  6. >awww.. thanks for being such sweeties you all!! *hugs* don’t you all worry, i’m feeling fine and dandy and allll good!auntie jen~ i’m so sorry for all my cuss words!! i’ve no idea you read my blog…victoria~ thanks so much for encouraging words! i’m excited to be able to work with you soon!mao~ i suspect you were the one who leaked the information to sabotage me babe… hahamandy~ i’m not some cranky-mood-swinging-underweight-malnourished-stick-girl okay….. gawd… although i won’t mind a few of your yummy muffins ;plis~ hey! thanks for dropping by and for your kind words! ^o^amy~ take care and have an awesome trip!!!! i expect to see loads of good stuff *pressure pressure pressure* heee…lucia~ ooppss! i seriously owe you an email!!!! i’ve been drained off ideas recently.. but soon!! expect my reply soon!!!

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