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stinky smelly people

Hello there,

Some of our customers did google searches for our products and your website came up, because you had quite a few sentences that were ripped off in their entirety from our website, and in one sentence, our label name wasn’t even taken off.
Please take those phrases/sentences/paragraphs entirely off from your own website as soon as possible.
We would appreciate it if you came up with your own wordings/phrasing, because copying and plagiarizing is against copyright laws, and copying just isn’t cool.

Best Rgds,



can you believe elsie, my part time customer service person, and myself, had to send 3 of such similar emails to 3 different persons about 3 different websites…. tsk. sigh. people make me sad. i don’t really care if you failed or barely passed written english in school…. really….


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