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more press! & (ah-hem) clarifications

thanks so much for the review, cool editorial peeps of timeout singapore!! but you might like to know….

littleoddforest was founded to be a profit-making/bill-paying/rice-bowl filling full-time registered business and independent lifestyle label right from the get-go, and was never intended to be just a shopping e-commerce website, and especially not as a hobby 😉

b and my mum has pushed me to clarify this, it’s not that we’re trying to be sensitive about it, it’s just that there are already more than enough people out there who do not take such profession choices seriously and give me (or you) crap about it, and we really do not wish for such perpetual false impressions to be stumbling blocks to certain prospects of our business and growth


1 thought on “more press! & (ah-hem) clarifications”

  1. >I also think you need to clarify too. Why should a woman-started biz or something handmade-related always be termed under as hobby, it’s like a degradatory term… RIGHT?? Don’t they know Martha?

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