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not quite back yet…

i know i’ve been away… so sorry i’ve been uber busy!!! buried…. in busy-ness… and business… hmmm. deja-vu. but i just gotta drop by a minute to holler! how have you all been??? so many things are going on!! and i might have missed quite a few here and there… but hey, i can’t be here and there and everywhere, especially not working on fulfilling orders… cranking up new designs.. sewing (i’ve lost count on the number of times my fingers bled these past few weeks)… flying off to get supplies… trying not to neglect my friends too much…. breathing… sending sewing machine #2 for repairs…. eating… and surfing the web at the same time!!?!

not possible.

notice how breathing and eating came in the last few…. blahhhh…. my already genetically thin hands are now super veiny and groooosssssss…..gross… gross…. i’ve bony man-hands and feet. why, mummy, why…

i’m procrastinating on discontinuing my felt pin brooches’ design…. i almost never procrastinate… bleurghh. i’m the only one who can and makes them… and when people order like 60pcs in one single order… and when these people decide to all order at around the same time….. i don’t know if i should hip hop hooray or just wail out loud in horror and burst into tears of agony….. the manic-personality disorder moi most certainly did both….. more of the latter though….

so… i’ve lots of thanks to say to all who have been reviewing and/or featuring littleoddforest goods in the wonderful world of the internet! seriously, it’s way too many to list, since i was away for awhile…. so go here to looky look! –>

to continue my random blabbers to prove i’m still kicking…. recently, i’ve been obsessing over having these —

who’s afraid of the peppermint man, part 2
by camille rose garcia

and yes! the forest is set to invade the urban world! woot!
how effing cool is this?????!!

thomas wold mushroom forest coffee table

*drools* boy oh boy oh boy…..

anyone wants to help me fulfil wish of obtaining my own space earlier than i possibly can??? tsk. gawd dammit, the property prices…. just like how i chose to go to college in the u.s. when the exchange rate was up to its highest of 1.8, and how i choose to earn the u.s. dollars now when its down to a sad low… bahhhh….

anyways… i managed to get these pairs of precious babies from day-lab, run by amy who has exceptional tastes (you have to adore her jewelry line!)

anyhow…. for more of what’s going on… proceed on to my flickr because it’s so much easier to click snap click than type type type…. 10 seconds versus 10 minutes….

2 foreign visitors we entertained last week say that i so need to slow down and smell the fresh air we enjoy in singapore… well. i bummed around and wasted 2 years of my precious youth doing nothingness after my a’ levels, and got my degree 2.5 years later than all of my peers who got it…. no time to waste…. gotta get the goals and dough rolling hard and fast. i am, afterall, living in singapore. where we have to work till the day we die. unless we were filthily rich. i shall share with you a silly poem my dad wrote about this later on…

do i smell migration??? nahh…

oh!! i’ve been unfillial, and failed to mention about my dad’s etsy store —

he’s a semi-retired businessman and full-time artist/painter. and he’s so techie as well!! email, digital camera, online shop, and all that… not forgetting bugging me at the worst times (in the middle of my intensive sewing and etc.) to help him “open a new window”, “find out which printer ink color is low”, “how come i can’t click this?” problems…………….. sigh. dads. sigh.

pssstttt… mandy~ general consensus of all (mummy, auntie millie, belle, my dad, and moi!) who tasted your beer bread–> put more beer!!! hahaha

but everyone liked how it was very…. herb-y 🙂 thanks babe, for helping me out last weekend…

pssstttttttt…. callie~ i can’t stand dolls. puuhhlease… you can spare me (or the dolls) the agony. animals, monsters, funny figures, or weird creatures anytime. just not girly dolls. of any kind. remember my childhood playtime stories? the freaky things my g.i. joes, and transformers did to my most unfortunate barbies and kens….tsk tsk *perverse laughter*

ppssstttttttttt…. lana~ how silly is that? celebrating my fourth year back in singapore???? you must be bored out of your brains.

okay!! i’ll be back again, soon!!!! once i’m done with the orders of lof’s new collection….. whenever that will be…. 😦


7 thoughts on “not quite back yet…”

  1. >Your blog post is so readable as always. Sent a few loud laughs here that made me looked really silly and dad peeked into the room and gave a confused look!I am looking for a break after December too (wedding orders to fulfill).. and just where where where should I go???

  2. >I won’t say welcome back then since you’re not quite back yet. But I missed you, Twice. I’m calling tomorrow morning!!!!!!

  3. >Miss Lye (Im a long time reader/drooler of your blog/site), I was browsing your shop for the fiftieth time and I was wondering if you’re going to remove the Sold Out handbags from the bags category? You have 9 pages of bags but maybe a fourth of them are sold out. Have you considered moving them to a “Gallery” or “portfolio” category where it won’t clog the bags category and it might be easier for your customers to find available bags? Just a thought I had while browsing that section, it just seemed to me like it might be easier.anyways, that being said, the acrylic brooches are fantastic. Though I am dying to know how/where you got them made, I’ll let you keep that secret (unless you mentioned it on some previous post and im such a spaz and didn’t notice)!

  4. >hmmm… your stuff is fantastic. They are so adorable and beautiful. Keep it up. Cheers!awaiting for your new stuffs to be release soon. 🙂

  5. >lis~i’m sorry i made your dad thought you were being loony. haha! well, where would you like to go??? i’d go somewhere cold and snowy. but that’s me though 😉 i say.. enough of this darn humidity!!!mao~i think our phone conversations are simply a waste of money. haamy~i mistook you for another amy – i know 7 amys.. yikes! are you one of my customers? i appreciate your suggestion! thanks! although we’ve thought of that like 3+ years ago, but i found it kinda redundant + many other factors…. just a personal preference, no offense i hope! ;)ohhh, and yes, trade secrets. i was wailing for help years ago, and no one could offer any help, and through sheer hard research, i managed to find how to get the acrylic pieces done, so i’m sure with pure hard determination, you and anyone else could too! :Dl0re~heya! great to hear from you! thanks! and yes, more new stuff coming your way!!xoxoxo!

  6. >No, im not a customer… yet! I’m on your flickr list as “amynieto”.Thanks for the reply. I did some searching the other day and found some interesting things about acrylic and diecutting. I only bookmarked it, because really, I need to focus on other things first so that I can open my shop later this year.It’s such a hassle for us creative types, when we see a material that intrigues us and ideas start flourishing at a million miles per hour. But you only have so much time on your day to experiment with every little piece of plastic that you pick up!

  7. >hey! i know you! amynieto! ;)and yes, i totally agree on being distracted with way toooo many ideas! That happens too often with me too, and it doesn’t help as we might end up being slightly frustrated at times when something doesn’t see through…bestest of luck with your new shop!! 😀 Hopefully you’ll have a good enough range of goods, i find that that helps with a store’s opening. Keep us updated, Amy!

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