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more than meets the eye!

transformers! ahhh!! mr. michael bay removed the ultra-cheesy tune i soooo love… well, thank gawd they did remove it for this ultra super duper smashing cool movie though. ha! and yes. girly girls aside, this IS the summer blockbuster to see! a must-watch! like…. 5 times over!!!!!! replaying all the scenes that the autobots transform in mid-air and then loudly crash land beautifully to whack the other robot who also then leaps up high into the air and transforms and then…. KEWL! is all we could exclaim. we, being 5 dudes and me, the 1 dudey girl ;p

this is not the same billion-dollar production shiat that has been churned out more often then desired. i could just imagine watching transformers part 11…. it could go on and i wouldn’t care. i think.

low-brow good stuff man…. you seriously don’t know what you’re missing in life if you don’t like this.

smurfs, the mask, he-man, g.i. joe, tom & jerry…. yes yes, can you blame me for having such an awesome childhood?? ha! i know, i’m such a contradiction, my love for fairytales, monsters, fairies, robots, gnomes, witches, talking animals, mutated creatures, horror stories, lego, fantasy novels, smurfs…. such a diverse group eh…lol… i still remember playing “house” or “masak-masak” as we call it here in singapore, and i’d add in all these wacko storylines in the midst of “happy family bliss”… how we were suppose to have a “serial-killer neighbor”, how suddenly there was an “earthquake” that was caused by the “angry little gnomes” while my cousin was “cooking” halfway, how “our sister” is “dying” in the “hospital”, how she has to turn into a “werewolf” because the “operation” had gone awry and then a “dwarf” came along and made things worse by putting a curse on her…. blah blah blah….. (i think i must have really disliked that poor little girl who was play-acting as our sister… haha) nothing was ever peaceful playing house with moi. tsk

p.s. to the few emails i got abt my love for doll-mutilation… i ADORE softies, fluffies and stuffies, i just don’t like life-like looking girly dolls. like say… how i’m not terribly crazy about blythes. i don’t get them. you dress them up prettily…. and so? why not dress youreslf up prettily? or help that poor friend of yours with not-so-very-nice dress sense? i’d rather play scientist or surgeon and operate on them or something along these lines… much more fun and interesting, me thinks. muahahaha. callie, don’t hate me just because i don’t play dolly dolls the way you do, okie? cos i still love you. hee…

okay, enough of this childhood-nostalgia nonsense.


4 thoughts on “more than meets the eye!”

  1. >OMG!!! My husband has been bugging me to watch Transformer!!! Although I played snakes&ladder, legos and all, I surely hadn’t enough exposure to transformers and robots! I fess up, it was my childhood boy-friends who kill my possible liking for robots.

  2. >Autobots, TRANSFORM! Hahahaha… See… I told u so… 😉 Oei, but you also go wacko over miniature things, mini house, mini furniture, mini food, and all that mini household toys crap, so how are you going to play with those if you don’t have a mini-person doll????… Think about it.

  3. >lis~you should go catch it!!!! :Di’m sorry your childhood boy-friends were no fun… mine were! i was their da-jie-da though…hahahamao~babe, it all boils down to my dislike for human kinds…. i will have wee little monsters and bears and creatures and not-so-human-like figures to play house with the mini stuff…. haven’t you heard of the sylvanian families??? and very woody toy-human figures… ha ;p

  4. >I watched it on the first Friday it came out, and I was almost screaming when they transformed throughout the movie. I had to control myself really.So yes, call me a geek. I love my autobots, my smurfs, and thundercats. 😀

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