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if you are or will be in NYC then, don’t miss checking this out! 

“Escape the city heat to a collection of unusual oases,
where mosquitoes are unknown and artists are your tour guides…”

gallery hanahou presents
Summer Sanctuary
Opening reception July 19, 6-9 pm

gallery hanahou
611 Broadway, Suite 730 NYC 


Seven cutting-edge artists transform gallery hanahou into a haven
of chilled-out images of summer getaways and imaginary worlds.
(Way better than kicking sand in Jersey.) 


(***one of my absolute favorites by far…) 



Marcus Oakley

Team Macho
(***surprisingly reminiscent of my works in college, this was totally my working style… maybe i should share with you all my design/art portfolio from those days.. ha)

Yuka Katagiri

hope they will be as inspiring to you as they have been for me!
i’m off for my mini getaway! weeee….

before i fly off to do “nothingness”…..

this is an open invite to all you stuff makers out there with your own web shoppe!
the busy shopping holiday season is just round the corner (so soon!?!) and some of the people i like have opened new shops (you know who you are!), some others i’ve patronised and bought stuff from, some others i’ve been supporting, and more of whom i’m conversed with!
so! feel most free to send me your business cards, promos, discount coupons, or whatever you have to promote your shop and goodies, and I’ll be most happy to include them in all my orders!
you can let me know before you send them off, so i’ll know when any mail is missing etc. 😉

happy weekend! xoxoxo!


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