shoppety shop

opening of the re:makeables shop!

she did it! she finally, really did it! 😀 a hearty congratulations to you, amy!
if you haven’t heard, her re:makeables shop is now open! yay! (^___^)
we can never have enough of japanese and/or quirky cute crafty supplies! and who can resist her prettily illustrated website??? i adore her yarn balls… yarn ball trees (!!)…
i might have said it before, well, i’ll just say it again ;p very original design!
loved the mustardy version before, and love her new airy-colored version now! 

amy specially fine picks good finds from many countries, including japan, for our next crafty endeavors.
this is just the very beginning, and i’m sure with our full support, she will be able to get her nifty little shoppe fully stocked with wonderful goodies!
check out my personal favorite, her fabric buttons!

while she busies herself getting the shop nicely stocked up, be sure to sign up for her newsletter and be informed of her upcoming updates, or scoot on down to her crafty blog!


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