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an assortment of quickies

1. all delayed VIFF cards owed for the past 2 months will be mailed out tomorrow. that’s a whopping huge lot of envelopes to be sent out…. yikes! apologies for the delay, some problems cropped up when our new (and now ex.) part-time administrative assistant deleted some previous order records… amongst a few other screw-ups… sorry! singapore customers should receive their cards in these few days. international customers should get theirs in about 9 days.

2. don’t forget to take note of the non-shipping dates! we are not kidding! we don’t wish to have to deal with email/online drama when we return….

3. all important (as deemed by us of course) emails warranting a reply will be done within these few days. we’re still late in replying all emails, so please bear with us as we try our best to rush through everything this crazy period…..

4. i’m allergic to irresponsible people. please stay away from me if you are. you should jolly well know yourself, otherwise, i would suggest you getting a reality check. over-promising and under/not-delivering stinks. the world is getting filled with over-inflated-self-confident people who are nothing but trouble, if not to themselves, to people who have to deal with them. i should know, i got fucked up 4 freaking times in just 3 months. bloody ridiculous. ppppffftttttt……. what ever happenned to being considerate, truthful, humble and modest????

5. big tall strong healthy educated-looking men wearing good stuff, watch out for me. if you take the train, sit there, and yakkity yak on your expensive phone, with frail-looking elderly peeps carrying heavy stuff standing right smack in front of you (which means you don’t even have to look far to spot them), and hanging on to the pole for their dear lives, and you look up at them, and continue yakkity-yakking, shaking your big strong healthy feet clothed in big expensive leather shoes, in a couldn’t-care-less–cuz-it’s-my-right-to-rest-my-strong-muscles, i suggest you not be a stingy prick, get your own damn car or take a cab. our public transport can do better with lesser people like you. if you let me catch you doing the above, i will make sure you leave your seat, uncomfortably. yes. i will. i just did. yesterday. to a 6-feet strapping man in his early 30s. i also do not let off aunties and smelly young school kids in school uniforms who hog the front doors of the train. so silly ‘kiasu’ aunties and stinky self-centered kids, watch out for me too. if you still think otherwise, i’ll say it again – literacy, class, and $$$ has no direct corelation with civic-mindedness and civil courtesy.

i should get a public service award, no? ha.

my bday pressie trip has been delayed to fri evening… thanks to slave-worker b and friends. ain’t it so good to be your own boss?? ha. sorry, i didn’t mean to gloat… :/ take care peeps… do tune in to my flickr for more updates later~ xoxo!


2 thoughts on “an assortment of quickies”

  1. >I wish I could go to =(thanks for gloating. Thank goodness I’m neither a slave employee nor self-employed… hahahahaa! *GLOATS*happy bday old lady!

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