snippets of my life

a whirlwind Aug & Sept

woow! i’m back, people!!
the end of my holiday, my trip back memory lane, and more… sobs… it was my belated birthday holiday trip (thanks for my wonderful pressies and treats everyone!!! :DDD), forestprints 3 years birthday celebration, b+b 5 years anniversary celebration, and overall, a trip to re-charge our batteries..

well, i’m happy to be back of course! but also sad because i miss it there in chicago and nyc…..
the weather helped alot in my “arrgghhh…. yes, drive me crazy, singapore, you’re doing a fine job!” vent the past few days…. lol

and being jetlagged… time zone difference… it’s all crazy when we have work to get back to! i don’t remember it being so difficult to go through when it was a short trip back to singapore in summer hols… when all i ever did was sleep, tan at the beach, booze at night, sleep more…. and eat of course ;p now we have work to get back to, work that can’t wait, people who are impatient, people we have to please…. ppffttt

b’s boss and colleagues couldn’t stop harrassing him with work even while he was on holiday, so he just turned his damn phone silent throughout, and turned it on only for map use (gps and google earth rawks!!) and camera… i had to leave mine on for so many reasons, but mostly good ones. ooh yes yes, i love my new pda phone and 10x zoom camera! thanksssssss ya all! 😀

i actually got 22 missed calls on my cellphone (leave a voice message if it’s urgent! argh), i answered 9 phone calls, 2 of which was a big mistake to answer.
4.30am in new york, i got the strangest phone call. and it being 4.30am, i was really in no state of mind to logically rationally think through and answer it. but i just picked it up through sheer idiotic instinct.

“erm, hello?”
“hi! is this forestprints design?”
“erm, yes who’s that?”
“hi! how do i go to your shop?”
“oh, how did you get my number?”
“from your website. i want to visit your shop”
“okay, from my website, you’ll see the link stockists link, and all the shops carrying our items are listed there”
“but how about compassvale? how do i go there?”
“erm, that’s not a shop, it’s our home office”
“but i want to go there, can you tell me how to go?”
you won’t believe my next reply, go ahead and faint or bang my head on the wall
“erm, you can look it up in the street directory” (????????!!!!!!!)
“i know, but it’s easier if you just give me directions to the place”
“i think it’s more difficult, just look it up in the directory, it’s easier”
“but i just need to know how to get there”
“yah, a street directory will show you how, it’s very easy”
“but.. okay thanks”
“okay, bye, thanks!”

wtf!!!??? who the hell was that dude????? thank gawd there was no one stalking around when i came back… (or so i think… ack!) what i was thinking??? look it up in the street directory!?? i said thanks??? for what??? boy, was i ever so helpful and friendly even in the midst of sleep. i disgust myself sometimes.

anyways… i’ve like a bazillion funny weird interesting stories to share… i’ve been repeating them for about 5-6 times to different peeps… i’ve very low stamina in telling stories, and telling them in real life is so much more fun because i like to be animated..ha!! … so… hopefully i’ll have a few more left in my system to share with all of you here..

i’ve been crazily uploading pics from my trip to flickr… have only picked less than half of all the photos we took to upload online… and yet i’m not even half done yet! and there’re still nyc pics i’ve not uploaded! can you imagine!!!?? well yeah, the trip wasn’t a short one, erm… about 24 days i think. and i was a very happy girl 😀
“was”… now i’m ==> (-___-“)

b and i woke up at 4pm yesterday…. 4pm!!!!!!!!
i walked to the living room and stared at the clock…. i thought it was not working again since it has broken down before (old pendulum wooden clock)… so i shuffled back to my room and stared into my cellphone….
3.57pm !!!!?!?! argh! i let out a scream, and b jumped right up. “4pm?????”
we thought it was still 11am or something…. jetlag is soooooo fun. yup.

i’ve lots more to share… but later. i’ve to catch the sun now. i missed it yesterday and wasn’t able to take photos of new items… yes! have you not caught the newly uploaded items in the shoppe yet? well, be prepared! it’s going to be an avalanche. we are in the midst of completing 3 huge ass orders, and the extras are just waiting for moi to snap pics, so watch out for it! restocks and new stuff!

back to work… arghhhh… dizzy…….


4 thoughts on “a whirlwind Aug & Sept”

  1. >haha people are crazyglad to have you back in blogland! Do tell us all about your crazy stories. maybe you can videotape (did I just say videotape? I meant, RECORD) yourself telling the story, that way we can understand how animated it all was.:P

  2. >mandy~you can tryamy~haha! yes, videotape. it’ll be REALLY weird if i recorded myself telling stories in a animated manner, don’t you think?? lol. scary weird.lis~i won’t know since no one’s home, lol. well, thank gawd no!

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