littleoddforest news

shoppe updatesss interlude….

i’ve replied all your comments! 😉

and yes yes fret not! i’m NOT still in a holiday mode, unfortunately for moi..ha… it’s just the pile load of sewing work PLUS dreadful paperwork that i’m furiously trying to clear!!?
soooooo…. shoppe updates soon! cross my heart…

watch out for these starting this coming weekend!
# summer bird-bangle clutches (not in pink! lol can’t believe the number of people asking me for that…..)
# leaf pocket bags (in new fabrics and variations!!!)
# snotty crowned bird cushion covers (finally printed enough to restock for the shoppe!!!)
# snotty crowned bird totes (silkscreened onto brand new awesome colored-denim!!!)
# petit leaf straplets (in new fabrics and variations!!!)
# brand new cutesy item under accessories (surprise surprise!! heee)
# brand new tank top designs (we waited toooooooo long!!!! woot!)
# oli the pompous elephantus bag (blue is already restocked! brand new color variations coming up!!!!)
# and more! (my choked brain can’t seem to recall……)

already re-stocked!
# snotty bird bags (almost all colors are re-stocked!)
# lof shopping bags (almost all colors are re-stocked, final batches!!)
# stumpie stool covers (waited too long huh!!)
# stumpie seat/chair cushions (yayyy!!!)

yes, i was shouting and screaming throughout this post… exclamation marks galore…. xoxo!


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