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plush shows with lof plushies

plush show #1
(this totally completely slipped my mind.. boohoooo!!!)

3 lof plushies were at this year’s plush you! show, held last friday, 12 oct 2007 @ both schmancy, and nancy and fancy+pants (1932 second ave. seattle, wa 98101)
this year’s show featured more than 100 artists from all over the world! including littleoddforest 🙂

for those of you still unfamiliar with plush you! (what???? tsk.), it is an annual exhibit of plushies founded and organised by kristen rask, mistress of schmancy, her gallery-shop in seattle

this year’s plush you! is also like no other year’s, the show has grown so much since its first show in 2005, and plush you! has worked with f+w publishing this year and released a book — plush you!: loveable misfit toys to sew and stuff. woweee! you can now pre-order it at amazon here!

I’m not sure if littleoddforest plushies are in the book, most probably not i think, even if yes, it will only be a photo + short biography, because i did not contribute a pattern for our treeling plushies which were exhibited at last year’s plush you! show, since we have already contracted the pattern rights to another book prior to this one, which is therese’s softies craft book. but! i’m very sure it is filled to the brim with lots of awesome creations from so many other plush artists! so now you’ve a new book to add to your list eh? 😉 yiipp!

plush show #2

remember the luv-able & hug-able plush show with originality held by gallery lele in daikanyama, tokyo, that littleoddforest participated early this year?

well, together with the same cwc group that organised that show, gallery hanahou in soho, new york city, will be having their very own luv-able & hug-able plush show from 8 november – 21 december!

” Located in the landmark Cable Building in the heart of Soho, gallery hanahou is newly established by CWC International, a creative agency for illustrators that has been operating in New York since 1999.

In our business of helping artists to express themselves through commercial media, we have increasingly come to desire a new way to encourage our artists to explore the furthest reaches of their creativity. We hope that gallery hanahou will be a venue through which we can introduce new dimensions of our artists’ work to the community.

We have also discovered many talented artists working in more diversified fields such as pop art, craft arts, and product design, whose work does not necessarily fit neatly into the commercial art business but is nonetheless deserving of exposure. Acting as a forum for these artists in addition to our own commercial artists, gallery hanahou will present the public with art in a dazzling array of forms: not only original paintings and prints, but also art toys, craft art, art products, and more. “

littleoddforest was most kindly invited to exhibit again by the wonderful people of cwc – so 3 of lof plushies will be showing there! this show is meant to coincide with the christmas holiday shopping season, so if you’re nearby, you should definitely mark the exhibition dates and maybe adopt some one-of-a-kind plushies for yourself or someone else!

if that’s out of the question, and you’d like to give some arty pressies this year (or get some for yourself!), go purchase some art here!
gallery lele’s online shoppe
gallery hanahou’s online shoppe


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