littleoddforest news, my work is my life

interesting fact.

there were…
11 maureens
9 amys
2 beths
3 pauls
5 christines
6 christinas
5 samanthas
3 hannahs
2 kellys
7 jennifers
2 michaels

just last week alone. crazy huh. this holiday shopping frenzy…. i’m keeping my fingers crossed that all the order packages goes to the right peeps….. gerry opened up a couple of the packages because she became paranoid about them, and wanted to be triply-sure…. no mistakes though… (i hope!!)
oh, and i’m super late in this… (amongst many other gazillion matters… ) we welome gerry! our new part-time helper, who’s waiting for classes to start in january, she likes to infect us with your infectious heyna laughter 🙂
in the meantime, the flickr will serve well for updates…. i’ll also be revealing the new collection bit by bit by bit…. and thanks for being awesome about my darn late email replies…. thanks for all your love! *hugs*

“that’s a jingle-bell, that’s a jingle-bell, that’s a jingle-bell rock!!…..”
and please. get this song outta my already overcrowded mind. it’s been on repeat mode for the last 3 days!!!! thanks to you, you know who you are!!! :ppppppppp

more later…


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