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i love the smell of december

in consideration for all religions (or lack-thereof), and all races and culture…
happy hols to one & all!!
i got this done in time, lana!! ha!
love, eat, drink, and be merry, peeps!!


4 thoughts on “i love the smell of december”

  1. >I feel so sorry about the gifts babe, so I’m not going to buy any more Decole unless its clearly stated Made In Japan. The Made In China ones are terrible! Really trash quality…. I don’t care if they’re super cute or not man…. shit. And the dim lighting in woodwould didn’t help abit!

  2. >merry christmas babe … and b too. to lana: hi lana *wave* i dun know u but just want to tell you that i have the exact same conversation w my fren, ang bee hong on decole stuff. i was rather upset when i realise my little red riding hood got moustache. sigh. anyway i learnt from my japanese fren even de stuff in japan also MIC. sigh sigh. merry christmas. hahahahah

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