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happeee newwww yearrrr! 2008!

hungover, no voice (croak…), too much booze, laughing, shouting and screaming. and it was wasn’t even at a club…haha
i know this one’s for kwismass… but hey!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! how did yours go? hope you all had a good one.
thank YOU all so very much for such an awesome year, for myself, and littleoddforest too!
i hope all littleoddforest fairies and elves are spending their new year with a huge smile! they know why.. yippe… ;D *big group hugsss*
sorry i have been awful at updating, it’s simply because there have been just way too many good things (and some crazy workin’) happening at the same time and so many stories, too little time, and so many unexpected presents! sobs.. thanks for the part 1, part 2, and part 3 pressies, i really love them all, even if YOU (you all know who you are) were not entirely pleased with what you got for me… silly billies. and yes yes yes, i’ll try my best to take photos of them…. try, yeah.. ha
i can smell all the goodness coming in for 2008 already.
hungry. my mum came back last week, happy me. i totally splurged on a huge family dinner treat last friday. today’s b’s turn for part 2 of big treat. we’re off to my favorite brunch place! wooppee! ta-ta for now! xoxo!

p.s. and yes, i’m still waiting for world vision (singapore) to get back to me about our child sponsorship. this, after 1 month and 2 phone calls, and promises of receiving our sponsorship information “next week”. so much for efficiency eh? i’ll give them another call next week if i still don’t receive anything. there’s still 1 more donated goody box left! no one likes green? and i thought this would be the first box to be sold. i’m also deciding if i should continue with littleoddforest’s wwf donations for 2008, or to go with another organistaion, hmmm…


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