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new collection preview

starry rainbow pouch
catch more glimpses here! –
i hope to be able to get some ready for the shoppe by the end of january’08. really hope you peeps will knock yourselves out! i had a whale of a time whipping them up from that very enlarged head of mine, i’ve got a couple more surprises in store, so yeah, don’t worry, this is not all of it, yet ;p muacks!
and yes! i will be replying super late emails okay, by this week! liz! mao! gretchen! lucia! betti! amy no.1! amy no.2! erm… and you, you and, you! sorry…. :S
and kitty stories! (you may stay away, mandy) and photos! yeap. so much to do. tsk.


1 thought on “new collection preview”

  1. >When will your entire new collection be in your website? I saw only 1 design so was wondering, didn’t want to regret buying this only when the others come out :pHave just emailed you also, just in case. Thanks, Lynda!

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