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all’s looking might fine right now….

me thinks 2008 is off to a beautiful start :))))
seems fair to me...
haha, just kiddin’… not about the beautiful start though… ;p

okay, discounting the fact that my poor phone is still being held by samsung for repairs (delayed for 4 more days, because apparently many phones decided to “die” during the new years’?? rubbish lameo customer service excuse. i would know that, wouldn’t i… hahaha!) after it decided to fly off from the top of the atm machine (ok ok… i accidentally flung it off…), and am now using a “grand dame” xda IIs which works okay temporarily since it also runs windows mobile, but i still don’t have my contacts back… that totally blows. so dependent on technology… so useless without it…

so anyhoo… :)) the air after a heavy rain, the early morning dewy smells… *sniff sniff*… ahhhh…. i’ve been reading alot, and spending even more time outside, in addition to the usual work, which explains my absence from the www… sorry ya all…

so how was new years’ for you? for the first time in my life, since 14, yes, FIRST TIME, i didn’t spend mine clubbing away or at a loud party, it’s a miracle! totally unbelieveable for me, yeah? haha! no big bang this year, it was a refreshing change (literally, since there wasn’t enough loud music and booze to knock us out flat or give us a nasty hangover the next day). we had what i would call a nice little “ah-pek and ah-um” (old uncles and aunties) steamboat dinner party at a newly-wedded friends’ place, with soothing jazz and bossa nova.

i also received a record number of gifts this christmas i think :DDD (well, we’ll not include our presents galore childhood years), some from new found friends, but plenty from those closest to me… who seem to have caught on on my love for part 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. of holiday gifts… have to thank b for that…. muahahahaha…. *an evil satisfied dada grinny laugh* so, no, really, it’s the fact that they know “me”, and what i like, is what was comforting about it all…. for awhile, i was so deep into littleoddforest that i felt “i” no longer existed. even the majority of pressies i get since the past couple of years are mostly forest-related, i do adore them tons! but it’s kinda sad, i don’t know how to explain it right, but it’s sad, in a funny way! funny in a sad way. whatever.

i had hinted about lovin’ the sunny side up shag rug

but since my “new home studio” plans had to be temporarily shelved (boooooooo), mao got me this instead… heeee….
sunny egg eye pillow

which totally rawks too!! :DD i don’t think i bear to use it though, because it’s very white… and being me… it’ll be un-white in no time at all…

and following the yellow+white egg theme (eggs are one of my favorite foods by the way.. yumm!)….
yellow and white
i seem to have plenty of yellow amongst my possessions….

“dada” (what i’ve been called for short since a lil’ kiddo, by all my long-time friends and family) seemed to have almost disappeared gradually over the years… after a few-too-many friendship-betrayal incidents and severing ties with a few certain people and from a certain group of “friends”, coming back home from chicago, and then the starting of my own business, which has successfully morphed me into being called “lof”…”littleoddforest”…. “the forest girl”…. “lynda of odd forest”, someone’s silly version of lof… (gawd.) and it seems we are all glad dada is back! :)) i think meeting up with jill, pamela, and ghim helped too… and also chatting with chae eun, ahhh memories… i still remember back in college in chicago, when all my self-branding/promotion projects were dada, dada, dada… everywhere, everything was dada… and everyone called and sung out my name with such melody and rhythm… especially joel, chae eun, etc.. i miss getting voice messages with just a singing “daaddaaaaaa daadaaaa….. callllllll meeeee.” dada makes me feel warm and fuzzy. and now, all i do is lof, lof, littleoddforest, lof…. which is good of course! but i suddenly miss dada… calling me “hey, littleoddforest!” just makes me feel like it’s all business…. maybe i should try to make the two click together this year… to my dearest closest friends, thanks for talking to me about “where’s dada?????”…. i don’t like to be too personally close to people/friends in general, you all know why, but i’m definitely grateful for the handful of you who truly know me 🙂

i finally “bothered” (oppsy! hee…) to update here, because i’m almost done with my 2007 accounts (i’m super prepared this year, eh!), and most importantly, littleoddforest’s 2008 catalogue update is completed! sent out to all stockists, new orders coming in, new design samples completed and to be shipped out to lof’s sales rep. in the usa, recession looming there, so there are changes and work to be done, and also, selected new designs are now available in the lof shoppe now! go looky!

have also received a record number of internship/job applications over the holiday period… please email directly to info at forestprints dot com with complete details, by complete, i mean complete, you can be creative, but please introduce yourself properly in detail, instead of just leaving us cute little “begging in a friendly sort of way” messages in our contact page. i don’t need super formal and boring click-copy-pasted resume templates, and i do love cute people, but hey, it’s going to be work, and if all you can be is cute…. hahaha sorry…. if you wish to model our products, please be sure to send in photographs or links to your photos, as for helper elves, we’re not looking for any at the moment though, not at least until after chinese new year…

am away on a work trip, other than lof’s little annual dinner party, hopefully it will be a fruitful one as i’m scouting for stuff for some new projects i have in mind…. excited!! as usual 😉


1 thought on “all’s looking might fine right now….”

  1. >I lurve my Dada! =p Don’t forget that I also have some of these issues.. think it’s only a natural reaction.oh don’t forget to redeem your miles!!!! Calling ya tomorrow…

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