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restocks galore!

i apologise for being tardy in announcing new item listings and restocks… some new items have been listed and are all sold out… sorry!! here’s how an lof regular from singapore, kathleen, has summed it up in her email to me last wednesday… “It’s like striking lottery! I won the small one (my new hansel & gretal keyring pouch) but missed the big one 😦 Please make more of the heart wooden handle bags soon! It’s depressing when I don’t have the chance to go online and check in your website every morning!”
and some maybe not so nice ones like this, no hi, no bye, just like as shown here – “I was delighted to have found your store, but it is now even more upsetting to see things that I love but are sold out. Why on earth do you still show me items that I can no longer buy??? Do you restock them or what??? Please remove them if they are really sold out and save me the pain.”

erm….. wth???

i still remember an incident in inqbox @ far east plaza, a couple of years back… the shop owner had displayed some items from her personal collection which were not for sale, just to spruce up the look and decor of the shop. one fine day, came this tai-tai looking woman with an air of snottiness surrounding her, browses around, and points at one of the not-for-sale item, and asks for the price. the sales assistant then politely apologises and informs her that the item was not for sale. and then this woman went all crazy on this poor girl and starts raising her voice and arguing about how the shop is so “stupid” and “silly” (exact words she used) and has something not-for-sale displayed there and kept ranting on about how “ridiculous” (exact word she used) that was… sheesh woman, that shop belongs to someone, who has a right to display whatever she wants since it is her shop….. do you start asking to buy the shelves or display units off from a store selling apparel??? maybe you do… ha!

so! anyways, the “sold out” items in the shoppe, most of the time i leave them there because they WILL be restocked! i just can’t tell you when for sure sometimes :p some others i wasn’t able to restock them as planned because the fabrics are no longer available, and the rest, i either simply forgot to remove them or i just want to show potential stockists that they were part of my previous collections…. ( -___-“)

oki oki… so here’s what’s in store… coming your way soon!
# selected key-ring pouches restocks + newies! (new word coined by and courtesy of patricia)
# selected snotty bird bag restocks!
# forest seedlings tote newies!! (don’t miss out on this one!)
# selected summer bird bangle clutch restocks + newies!
# selected petit leaf straplet restocks + newies!
and because of wonky work schedules, between now till end february, do expect
# yet-to-be-launched new collection! including mungo wanderlust leaf bag, “tree trunk and a leaf laptop” combo, “love sprouts switchy” purse, lof monster sacs, and moreee! and of course,
# restocks and newies of our already-launched new collection designs

go check it!


1 thought on “restocks galore!”

  1. >Isn’t it weird how people aways ask for the “outof stock” items? they seem to get the kick out of making you make more and then not ordering itwhen you inform them. Sheesh.I do have crazy people telling me that they will “take actions” if their goods r not received within a few days. Singaporeans can be very impaitient.

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