snippets of my life

rudeness and stupidity

Some people are just so rude. RUDE. And STUPID. And RUDE. And yes, STUPID. I am so PISSED off that I’m posting this from my phone in the car on the road for supper.I couldn’t wait until later. Do the world this one fucking favor and go DIE if you LACK common sense and are rude.And stupid. So so so very stupid. And very rude.I would slap you so hard if I could, thank goodness I’m unable to, I might just contaminate myself with your RUDENESS and STUPIDITY. Michelle promised this works better as therapy than violence hahahaha I think it works abit, thanks babe for putting up with me.


3 thoughts on “rudeness and stupidity”

  1. >So is this a customer service thing or THAT person? If it’s customer service, think you should be feeling fine by now.. hahah! if it’s that B.I.T.C.H., just fuck it. use that voodoo doll thing Heh..

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