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some sweets for you

sorry i’ve been away~ lots of new developments and new projects at hand! i’m nervous but also excited, eeppp! in addition to sleeping not more than 5 hours each night for the past few weeks (i fathom this will continue for a couple more months…), i’ve also been reading plenty of wonderful books, hanging out lots, and traveling, so it’s all good! :)))

although, i’m also sorry that i’ve not been around the www much, other than editing of photos and the needed usual work stuff… staring at the computer has been so terribly straining on my eyes that they have been bloodshot for quite some time now, and still not getting much better with eye drops…. sobs! have also got pulled over for a breathalyser test, not once, but TWICE! maybe it’s the bloodshot eyes… can’t be.. it’s pretty dark… oh whatever, pretty much everyone got it…. thank goodness i had on my brains both nights, so didn’t drink AT ALL. not even a tiny sip. such a good girl! *pats own self* haha

so anyhooo….. have you noticed the big updates flowing in??? hot hottt! woot hooot! wooow!! 😀

the Mungo Wanderlust Leaf Bags are selling out quickly, but there’ll be more updates until the end of this week! ~ other than selected restocks of currently sold out designs, loads more new combinations from our new collection will be listed in the shoppe, so watch out for ’em! 😀

and don’t you just love this??? the photo’s from a book (the name escapes me right now!!) i finished reading a couple of weeks ago…

okie dokie, off to take photos of newly completed lovelies! the sun is a-shinin’!! wooppeee! no monkey business meanwhile eh! *muackss!*


3 thoughts on “some sweets for you”

  1. >I want one of those little monsters. too cute for words.Also, I love love love love love my new rainbow pouch, it makes me so happy everytime I open my bag. Al my little things are contained in one place instead of lying all around the bag. Thankees!!!

  2. >Amy!! :))) You are super sweet~ I think you left me the cutest feedback @ etsy… heeethank YOU so very much! i’m sure your starry rainbow pouch loves its new owner! *eats up amy’s little things*

  3. >did you pay the fine yet??? hahahahHope u reserved the green one for me… Mich can’t see that photo cuz u have her as a contact and not friend. DUH.SEE U NEXT WEEK!

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