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i will always love you, chicago!

a photo i took while in chicago last september has been selected and requested for inclusion in the newly released fourth edition of the schmap chicago guide! how cool is that! 😀

it’s the photo of our very pretty and engaging jackie o. look-alike river tour guide :))
chicago architecture river cruise
Architecture River Cruise

the photo’s nothing great really, i think it was chosen because it has the columbus drive signage in it. ha! thank you, emma, managing editor of the schmap guides!!

so, we’re back at work here at littleoddforest!!!
all orders received/paid after 6pm last thursday has been promptly mailed out this morning!

after all the feasting on yummy thai food…. crazy shopping (big loot includes snagging 5 cute dresses by some new young thai graduate designers)…. spa…. (b had his virgin facial, and gave out periodic yelps)…. clubbing, fine dining, lots of new awesome fun experiences (including befriending uncle sam, our cab driver) and aesthetically pleasing sights (gorgeous boutiques and designer stores etc.)…. out of all my countless times to bangkok, this one was definitely different. we got to see and know the city so much better! thank you, joyce!!! for bringing us around to experience life as if we were living the life in bangkok. it was simply fantastic.
feast @ Happy Chicken (loosely translated from Thai)

and now i’ve so many difficult tasks ahead too….. ( – ____- “)
my climbing-the-hill gear doesn’t seem to be kicking in….. blahhhhh….. my new projects are going no where…yet…. it’s bugging me so….

some bitchings
(it’s that time of the month for me, and i simply can’t hold it in)~
i was recently brought to attention to this by elsie’s observations, and also by kind emails from 2 of our customers. i might have already noted this sometime ago, but just didn’t bother much about it.
apparently, 2 littleoddforest customers, regular ones at that, have been buying up my goods for REFERENCE to COPY. these SLBs (Shitty.Littleoddforest.Buyers) do not only follow my designs and sewing methods, but also my packaging, style, and even the way we pack our goods to mail out. the EXACT same packaging. these SLBs also have the balls to so proudly claim their originality on everything they do, from the sewing to the packaging style.
well, SLB bitches. watch out for that bird poop that will most probably drop on your stinky head when you step outside. or that hole in the ground you will fall into when you walk. or my vomit (when i realised about your shitty misdeeds) that you will slip on.
thank you.

okiedok! back to work!
*dark clouds and lightning fades away to wonderland tunes*


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