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the softies kit

i’m pretty late in announcing this… dear therese has a new book out!


it’s her new “the softies kit” and it’s now out and available on amazon! inside this new softies craft book are 15 selected fun softie projects from the previous softies book, except now that it also comes with some felt, floss and etc.! actual materials you’ll need to start on making ’em!

think you were clueless about getting the materials for the projects in her first book, softies?
well, no worries for this new one! (^____^) so if you didn’t get the previous softies book, maybe you’ll want to get yourself this!

in therese’s own words – “I had such a great time putting this book/kit together. I *love* all the projects and I REALLY love that the kit makes such a great give for beginner softie-makers – many of the projects are pretty easy, all are fun and if you’re just starting you don’t have to worry about where to find the supplies to make one and get your feet wet in this world.”

yeah! hooray, and congrats to you, therese! xoxo!


2 thoughts on “the softies kit”

  1. >I got this book today. You are truly an inspiration. I have no constructive criticism to you give you, except to say that you are really capable and talented and already doing so well all by yourself without a partner, so don’t worry too much about it. Though it is easy for me to say, since I am not the one doing the work. Anyhow, kudos to you, Lynda! Looking forward to the arrival of my order.

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