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poo poo

the best ideas come to you when you are doing your poo poo, and then you just wished you had brought in your pen and notebook with you, but then the ideas just keep flowing and before you can curse out loud about the seemingly moronic oversight, the poo poo just seems to have come and gone so quickly and easily and unknowingly… and you manage to get it all on paper after all, and everyone’s happy for now, including assy.


1 thought on “poo poo”

  1. >Lynda-You were certainly not kidding about the updates at least once weekly. I have been peeking in your website every day this week and the wonderful stuff just keeps coming as others are sold!!! 😀 Have just used the code for my orders… Thks so much!Don’t stress yourself over too much, sometimes creativity can get a beating even for talents like yourself! Hope you have a very good vacation next week.hugs+kissesSophia

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