singapore fashion

singapore fashion rules?

okie, so the question mark is not part of the official announcement, just a personal question since it’s a statement i not quite agree on a hundred percent wholeheartedly, yet. ha!

“6 April 2008, 12pm, TaFf will be staging a fashion show titled Singapore Fashion Rules! as a key feature of the yearly Singapore Fashion Festival, a consumer-focused fashion event where season’s latest collections are made directly available from the catwalk to consumers.

Two established past Singapore Fashion Week contest winners – Alfie Leong of Mu and Leslie Chia of PIMABS and will be showcasing together with two up and coming, cutting edge labels – FrüFrü & Tigerlily and Fürrmuse. The catwalk presentation will contrast the established designers vs new emerging brands. It also charts the path on how Singapore designers, through Singapore’s fashion events organized by TaFf, can be groomed, paving the way to encourage future local design talents.

Singapore Fashion Rules! was launched last year. It is a branding campaign initiated by TaFf to raise the profile of Singapore designers & labels. Besides staging a fashion show, TaFf initiated retail promotion at the stores levels to have the collections made available to the local consumers and tourists. TaFf also garnered the support of departmental stores like Isetan, Takashimaya and TANGS in support of the branding campaign to raise the profile of Singapore designers & labels.

This year, in celebration of Singapore fashion, consumers can also expect to see the latest exciting collections and special promotions from other Singapore fashion designers & labels beyond the 4 labels featured in the show. Check out these stores!

we won’t be in town that whole week, but go show your support for the shows if you can, especially the Singapore Fashion Rules! event on 6 April, where FrüFrü & Tigerlily and Fürrmuse will be showing. the time is a silly one, at 12 noon. 12 noon! like duh.
there will be many other fringe events as usual too, so check those out as well, go to their website here for more information!

ciao for now~


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