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back to work, doh.

prompthep islands

don’t be surprised if i ever just bought a 5 million baht luxury penthouse in phuket, packed all my bags and goods and supplies and sewing machine and what-have-yous, and then move there to stay. been to phuket for 12 times now to be exact, and each time, it just gets better. nice people, nice weather (forget about the tsunami), great food everywhere, awesome beaches & nearby islets, good sea sports, good roads to drive (for such an island), 1 cinema (is really all we need right?), 2 decent shopping malls to get higher end stuff, lots of cheap places to get lil’ nick knacks, cheap booze, 1 big post office and dhl office (to post orders of course), so so much more i can’t think of and list here right now….. and best of all, nice affordable luxury condos. read it right. “luxury”. sea view high up on the hill, with your own private jacuzzi pool. you’ll have to pay like 3 million sing dollars to buy one of those now. i should know, since i’ve been house hunting for a year now….. :S

p.s. all outstanding orders have been shipped out this morning, monday 7 april 2008.
please give us up to 48 hours to update all shipping info.
we are slowly getting through all the emails…. thanks!! 

p.p.s.s. expect a huge update by the end of this week, as we will be almost done with another new wholesale order. yip yip!


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