who gives a hoot

deleted post

i deleted a post and re-posted it in my private blog, because it was misunderstood. i didn’t go to lengths to make myself clear enough or explain enough, because it was more specific to one friend i’ve known for almost 10 years (whom by the way, knows about my post, and now sees the light!), and a group of our friends, rather than referring in general, and especially not people i don’t know personally, as in character etc. so, yeah.
deleted. end of story. ha. and yes, mao, you are that smart woman i’m talking about 😉 but of course!


1 thought on “deleted post”

  1. >I think you shouldn’t have bothered babe, only those who are insecure about themselves would have taken offense with what you wrote. It was quite clear to me that you were not referring to housewives. Not everyone is qualified to be a tai tai you know..

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