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i would have made the post title, it’s a lovely day, but, it’s really just a rainy gloomy day, so… anyhoo! looky at what’s spanking new and ready in the lil’ shoppe!

A Lovely Day Plate/Tray
Cookies, anyone?
*kitty cat cup in photo is kindest courtesy of stubby. thanks babe!!!*

and a few has already been sold overnight! weee! thank you all so much for liking this new product! (^_____^) shop shop away!!

p.s. we have a special exclusive giveaway collaboration with sparkle thots that will be launched next week, so watch out for that too! *wink* we are so loving this at the moment!

wahhh i’m going to be a workaholic bitch this weekend! uh, maybe. we’ll see if i succumb to the worldly desires out there… ha


1 thought on “ta-dah!”

  1. >see what im talking about?? little by little your forest will grow into something amazing. so what if you dont have the funds for that awesome showroom right now. it’s all happening, girl. these plates are motherfuckin awesome. sorry for the french, but it had to be said like that.

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