my work is my life


something i ordered for a super long delayed project (2 months!!) with cindy, the talent behind starrydesigns, arrived this afternoon…
but!!!!!!! gggggrrrrrr……

thank goodness that was only half of my plans, so i’m forced to abandon that and move on to the other part… which hopefully you’ll all see soon!
i feel like wringing that “kuai lan” seller’s neck.
after my polite email to them about the rust, this is what i got –>
“We dont’ call it rusty. It’s just lack of polishing. These frames are intended to be used internally, which means people would not see them from outside, so polishing is not important. Polishing costs money, if you need polished internal flex frames, you would have to pay more. People in the purse making industry usually do not want to pay more for something unimportant.”
WTF. doesn’t he know that rust will spread? rust will run? rust will ruin my expensive precious fabrics? and there’s a possibility that it will eventually show on the surface??
i hope he gets sold all kinds of “unpolished” metal things, from window grills to gates to household appliances and what nots. ahem. we don’t call that rusty. they are just unpolished.


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