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the name that escapes me no longer…

have been exchanging emails with j about the cartoons we grew up with and utterly love. and then he sent me this link, and i went crazy. like crazy happy. because i have been trying to remember the name of this series for the past 3 years (can you believe it!!!!!!????) ever since pat and mao started the topic one fine night, about smurfs and all. and no one. not a single soul. for the love of gawd. knew what i was describing, needless to say, know the name. fraggle rock. ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! *goes crazy again*

i love it. i had a most awesome childhood, and grew up with the best stories, best cartoons, and best shows. jim henson was one of my many heroes. so many of the cartoons now are so terribly dull and uncreative. you know, just like how retro is always in. haha! can’t believe that actually came out from me.

i don’t have time for youtube, but j is sending me more. heeeeee!
i’m drowning in work, and this for sure helps with the stress relieving… *muacks! thanksss!!
soon! you’ll see what i’m busying myself with! weeeeee!


4 thoughts on “the name that escapes me no longer…”

  1. >I FOUND THE PURPLE DUDE. just emailed link to you, Remember to kowtow to me.actual name is Phantom 2040,not The Phantom or Phantom or Purple Phantom!!@@! hahahhahahah!

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