littleoddforest news

first item sneak peaks

i couldn’t resist….
first sneak peaks!
every single piece is exclusively OOAK (one of a kind)
coming soon next week, along with a few other new sneak peaks! woopppeee!
when i get back to work, that is. am typing this by the pool, under the hot blazing sun….

ohoh! and i’m super delighted that you loved fraggle rock too!!!! (^___________^)
we couldn’t stop breaking out into the tune the past couple of days… *dance your fears away… *clap clap!* worries for another day!*
more childhood cartoons coming up… hahaha because my email got bombarded with them links…. i have such great friends and acquaintances… ;p

p.s. received quite a few emails asking me about the name of the gnome series, it’s called david the gnome (^___________^) you’ll learn how to be a loving kind caring sweet human being if you aren’t one!!!!


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