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color smacking

have you been missing out? seriously… tsk tsk.
Seedlings Couplet Wristlet
Pleated Love Wristlet
more lovelies on the way! wooohooo!

and of course, have to end this post with something ridiculous i’d like to share with you all….
“why do you make stuff and not think about people who live on the other side of the world? I live in Australia and it’s nearing winter so your summer colors and sleeveless tanks don’t work well for me at all. Long sleeves shirts? winter colors??”
the email ends as abruptly as it started.
funny!!!!! you people are ssssooooooooooo dawddamn fuh-nee. so i guess the pleasing of the entire population in this big big world falls on me alone. the number of times i roll my eyes everyday, i won’t be surprised if my eyeballs drop out anytime soon.


1 thought on “color smacking”

  1. >OMGOMGOMGOGMOGMOGMGOMGOGMOGMOGMthat pink pleated lovely is just… well, LOVELY. That printed fabric is beautiful. Oh im so glad i chekced your blog today! (even though, honestly I should be working on my own bags… but im lazy)

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