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dripping acid

to celebrate how much paypal suck, littleoddforest is giving all our customers a
15% discount code – PAYPALSUCKS
simply key it in at the shopping bag page and click on the apply discount button, prior to checking out your order.
this discount code will be in use until monday 2 june 2008.

if you’re still having problems making your credit card payment via paypal after checking out your shopping cart items, please email us your order and we will email you a paypal invoice manually. this is one way of getting around the problem. the other way is to not log into paypal and making payment as a new user.

this is an intermittent technical problem caused by paypal that hits shoppers randomly. therefore, though most shoppers have been able to make payment, a handful of you have not been able to do so. we can get around this problem if you email us your order and we send you the invoice manually.

in the meantime, we @ littleoddforest will try to drink tea, meditate, and calm down our ruffled feathers.


3 thoughts on “dripping acid”

  1. >i just tried and it works for me, fortunately. And i love u because you have a great sense of humor. You know, u shldn’t hv quit advertising…..what a waste

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