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>it's sterling silver, baby!
littleoddforest’s very first batch of 925 sterling silver custom design pendants! wooowwooo!! and all flying off to florida as wedding gifts for the lucky guests of bride-to-be, sheena, one of lof’s awesome regular customers! what lucky guests you all are!!

so what designs would you like to see made for littleoddforest’s new sterling silver pendants collection? and buy obviously…. duh. feel most free to drop me a line! my ideas are bursting, and the problem with working creatively with me, myself, and i, is that, i am not very effective at elimination…. my posse’s no help since they only add on ideas to my already bursting list. fun. :p

i’ll be going away yet again for a couple of days… haven’t really unpacked my suitcase so far on this year… yikes. anyhooo…. expect surprises sometime later next week! that is, if i work hard and fast enough…. have been a busy tourist guide to some crazy americanos, so it has been difficult to sit my ass down long enough to work some stuff out…

okie dokie, later, cute peeps!


2 thoughts on “unstoppable!”

  1. >I can’t resist: a LOF Cheeky Monster pendant would be so lovely!!!this collection is going to be so cuuuuute!!! (^°^)I would love to be one of the wedding’s guests…

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