snippets of my life

too eventful

even for hyper people like us. these couple of months.

– i had 3 different groups of friends who flew into singapore and i played tour guide 3x. fun the first time, okay the second time, just whatever for the third time.
i like this book
if you’re getting this book for your visiting friends, be warned. it will fall apart. i think i definitely did a way much better hand-binding job at school… sheesh

– we had to rush and fly off to our respective “work country” to fix some problems :S and i most probably have to go again very soon….

– we got our car! and still busy furnishing it! cleaning it! washing it! crazy.
first casualty is the wheel rim. got seriously scratched when we drove into leanne’s condo carpark… who the fuck puts a 2″ tall metal bar in the middle that is at the blind spot!???! partly the security guards’s fault too for the distraction. what’s up with all the mean condo security guards! i was so hot-headed last week that i actually quarreled with the one at my mum’s. crazy people. mr. b couldn’t get over his de-valued precious wheel rim for 1 whole day. he used his bare fingernails to scrap off the paint from that stupid metal bar that has gotten onto his new shiny rim, and spoilt his own nails. silly poor thing. but latest highlight is that we just got the not very chio (pretty) chrome part on the front painted black! just last night! so mr. b is more or less happier than before. a fierce looking car for a young man, he says. is better. no comment. ha!

– we both had family problems to deal with and resolve

– elsie is leaving lof soon 😦 and we are rushing to find and train someone new, hopefully 2 peeps. sigh.

– got a new assistant, nori, for belle, who is my main assistant in the philippines. a help for a help. awesome.

– i had (still having) major customs problems with a certain region

– another separate customs-related problem, one of lof’s largest buyer/stockist is major pissed with her country’s customs and may not want to order from us again, so now i’m pissed at her customs too!!!!

– a new bulk custom order that has been dragging the longest time, is dragging even longer than before, and driving me nuts, especially since i had specially hired a part-time sewer here to help out with this order and now she is generally pissed. singaporeans are generally all about $, efficiency, being quick, and bloody impatient. so if you’re going to drag…. sigh. being generally pissed is not good, because she is now basically like a machine gun, no fixed target, just sweep and shoot at sight. that includes shooting at me. le sigh.

– many many events and places to go see and to visit, also since i had to bring people around
my favorite-est. from An ‘Oddinary’ Exhibition

– many gifts and pressies for dada! 😀 my absolute new favorite thing now is my atsuko matano hankie. lovely lovely! personally bought from japan! you should check out her illustration works in her lovely website!
atsuko matano hankie

– and many other things…. that my over-crowded mind can’t think of right now. so this brings us to the end, which is this:

all workaholics should get this book
if you work way too hard, don’t have a life, don’t have weekends off, don’t go out with friends, don’t go to places enough, have nothing else to talk about other than work and your family, and more of such things, this book is guaranteed to make you feel like an absolute loser with a capital L. it was such a crazy fun read!!!!! so crazy that someone has borrowed it from me, scanned and printed 2 pages to pin on his colleagues’ board, as a huge hint. more like a wake-up smack i think. mister meany. tsk. but you should go get it though! it’s entertaining, sarcastic, fun-poking humor. life is too short to be so serious all the time. we should all learn to laugh at ourselves more often. and chill!


pssssttt… new goodies in the shop and more on the way! almost done with another order! 😀


1 thought on “too eventful”

  1. >y didn’t u mention abt the HUGE BOX of victoria’s secret creams & lotions I sent u???? Y?? Not big enough??? hahahaaa!

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