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thank you for being a friend…

yes, i’m so behind on everything, though mostly just email replies and blog posts… ha!

hard at work....

exploding brain matter…. i’ve been super busy, flying from one thing to another, flying from one project to another, meetings, researching, scouting, too many plans at hand, things i’m not familiar with (big kisses and thanks to b, for helping me talk through my pages of messy plans and reports), reading (i don’t get people who don’t read!! books are fountains of knowledge!! or read junk. which renders reading useless.) the new collection, and more tricky problems, i even had to hold off my urgent trip to the workshop to settle some matters…. so i apologise from the bottom of my heart if my email liaises with you suddenly got cut off the past couple of weeks or so. ooppss!!! sorry!!!!! today was the one and only day that my mind is partially cleared, for the past couple of weeks or so. it could just fill up by the end of sunday, again.

and yes, littleoddforest didn’t win! so don’t be too hot and bothered about it, if you still are :p {{ poke }} i love you all and you have been kick-ass friends. the awesome customer emails i’ve been getting! thank you all so very much!! 😀 but i’ll have you know that i went ahead with whatever big plans i had and had already gotten the new machine way before the results were announced. but a resounding yes, still! because one of my favorites whom i was rooting for (besides myself), won!!! congrats to i’m your present for being nbt 2008’s final winner!! 😀 i’m so getting one of her cute outfits for myself as soon as she has restocked!

and the main point that got me logging in to type out a post, is because the world has lost sophia (estelle getty) …. 😦 i grew up with the golden girls, yes, i grew up watching funny frisky feisty old women, as a little kiddo. every sunday night, i think? can’t remember. the golden girls rawk. layne, meredith, and i, used to have a golden girls bedtime party back in college in chicago, in my apt, i was the only one with cable, and on the lifetime channel, they showed like, 24 freaking hours of golden girls episodes. back to back. they didn’t even have that many ads. i mean, in the first place, it would be pretty hard to sell ad spaces on that kind of tv channel…lol. at first no one wanted to admit they loved the golden girls, until we discovered each other’s mutual closet (no longer closet i guess) love for them, and so the party was set! with chinese food delivery (round the corner from my apt was THE BEST zhi-char ever!! way better than the sub-standard ones we have now in singapore food-courts) and other junk stuff of course. and when the wine started kicking in, we started singing along…

yes, go ahead and judge us. ha!
and then it escalated to include law & order repeats, which was also shown on that channel, when casey found out about our secret party. he was a weird one, he loved quoting stuff he learnt from that tv show in our political thought class, which was a pretty darn serious debate class. and he liked to end off his little thing with “oh, i learnt that from observing xxxxx from watching law & order…” yikes!!!! hahahaha

there were so many things i wanted to share with you, but as i type this sentence out, my mind is starting to fill in by itself again. so soon. it’s like automated land-reclamation… i’ve just thought of something to include in my plans. gotta go write it out now.. ciao for now, cute peeps. it’s the weekend!!! go outside! laugh, play, and be merry! muacks!

i’ve edited the job posting below! it’s still open!! thanks for the ton of “hire me please!” emails so far!!

i managed to slip in a couple of new bags in the shoppe a couple of days ago! i know many items are sold out now, but fret not!! the shoppe will be restocked very soon!!!


3 thoughts on “thank you for being a friend…”

  1. >BABE!I was so spazzed out with stuff that I forgot to reply your email, ACK!I know what you mean about Estelle — my gosh, I grew up with the Golden Girls too. I used to plead my mom to stay up so that I could watch a couple of funny old women. Haha!I’m on to the email!

  2. >When i grow old, I want to totter around with a little handbag and spew witty sarcastic one-liners to my children and grandchildren. And DADA.

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