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Some updates

We are Yvette and Bianca, interning at LOF as the new customer service reps (or trying our best to be Miss Do-it-all). This is our first entry at littleoddforest’s official blog on behalf of our LOF mistress, Lynda. Don’t worry, she is not MIA, she is just very very very busy right now..

There will be plenty of website stock updates this week!
Singapore customers, make your way down to LOF’s little corner Isetan Scotts while you still can (only 11 more days left) because all OOAK items and brand new design launches have all been selling out very fast, and only a few pieces remains (if they are not already sold out by today). Our friendly LOF sales gals, Wendy and Maya will be there to assist you and any questions you may have.
International customers, there will be shop updates throughout this whole week as some new items and designs have been reserved specially for the website just for you.

I apologize if the email newsletter is not working out for you so well, I still don’t know why some people can see it properly and some cannot…. We are off to pack orders now, everyone has started to grab the free international shipping chance since last night so don’t you be the one to miss it! 😉

Thank you!


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