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foille shoulder bags @ isetan

3 more days only!!! have you not been yet? *poke* πŸ˜‰

one of our best sellers at our little lof space over at isetan scotts so far has been our foille shoulder bags and not a surprise, considering it is one of our current bestsellers over at our shoppe as well!

so yes, it was the first design to be almost completely sold out { coming in a super close second are our 2 brand new designs from our new collection which i have yet to be able to list online or show you any photos, and they are all sold out already! :(( so sorry, online folks!!! i promise to have more ready for the shoppe in the next week or so! coming in third is our i carry your heart with me bags, which are also all sold out already, only 1 piece left! so hurry if you can swing by, by this thursday! }, and i went on a frantic rush in getting ready more restocks…. we were totally caught unprepared, you know, that being a commercial luxury leather bags space (even the isetan buyer who invited us there couldn’t really advise on what will sell and what will not, and we went in there with a “let’s just try and find out!” positive attitude).. so, yeah, finally!! brand new restocks of our foille shoulder bags will be making their way down later this afternoon!!! and all the pieces there will be OOAK (one of a kind), with the round wooden rings (instead of the rectangular metal ones) our regulars have been totally harassing us for.. hahah! other designs will also be restocked, but too many to mention (i’m rushing through this post!), so you’ll see if you go!

thank you all so much for all the really really awesome support you have shown us so far, not just making your way there, but also to buy some littleoddforest goodies!! i don’t think anyone who went there just to say hi left without buying anything, gosh, really really big thanks. i didn’t and couldn’t show it on my face (because i’m a tough nut like that… ha!!), but i was really really touched and super happy! and you were all so awesome that even wendy and maya knows some of your names now! πŸ˜€
your regulars are so friendly and enthu (enthusiastic) about your bags, so they make me very enthu also!! haha!! *big grins*
that’s wendy for ya! πŸ˜‰ they are both currently competing who can sell more, so yes, someone up there is looking out for dada πŸ˜€ i’m very very thankful and grateful for all your love!

sooo anyhoo, before i go off and be a busy bee, big heya!!! and big dada (my pet name, in case you didn’t know…) hugs!! to dolly! dawn from punggol! (she was so cute with her super cool glasses! she introduced herself as dawn from punggol! and thank goodness too because i have another regular who is also dawn! πŸ˜€ ) carol! lijun! (she came to shop 3 times!! :D) grace tan! grace lim! jasmine tan! jasmine lim! michelle lim! michelle lee! michelle lim 2!! (i know!!! so many michelles! i had to say hi, shake hands, and ask for their surnames! sorry ladies…) caroline! wan from flickr! phyllis! erm, who else have i missed out? sorry if i missed out your name or mis-spelt it! and sorry if you were there and didn’t catch me lurking around, those of us who met were lucky! so happy to be able to put faces to some of your names now! i usually restock and leave, the longest i stayed there was only like 2 hours, haha, so yes πŸ™‚ i’m sorry if you are sick of reading and hearing thank you, but yes, thank you :)))))

hope the cute peeps i mentioned above won’t mind me sharing the little cutesy bits in this post… and of course, how can i forget my awesome friends and family who came by to show their support too!! πŸ˜€ i’m glad that you are not sick of me and lof yet, if not already ;p haha! and my ever supportive mumsy! and my super b! and even my dad came by, but only because we had to go for a wedding at the hilton, and so it was “convenient” for him. ha.

to our brand new customers who shopped for our goodies at isetan and spent above SGD$200, (thank you so much for your super encouraging love and support!!) we will be emailing/ texting your mobile shortly to ask for your mailing address, and your VIFF membership cards should be mailed out to you by the end of this month! to all our other online customers who have yet to receive their cards, please accept my most sincere apologies!! they will be mailed out, too, by the end of this month! thanks tons for your super kind patience!

oh shit, i’m running late… okiedok!! 3 more days! new restocks tomorrow too! i won’t be restocking on thursday, so, don’t miss out these last few days πŸ˜‰ i will do a better and more concise post once i can! MUACKS! XOXOXO!


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