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yes, mister mushnik

i just received the most wonderful heartfelt gift from a long-time friend who decided to fly 30 hours to have a rendezvous with me. well, ok fine. he was on his way to his overseas job posting, but still….. :p
remember how we used to give each other mixed tapes? well, i got a set of mixed dvds.. of all my favorite childhood/teen years cartoons, sitcoms and movies, and my favorite openings… this has to be one of the bestest gifts i’ve received this year!? yeah!… all the time and effort that went into making them! i was so touched that i almost teared up, and i rarely/almost never do.. i think i must have missed him a lot. still do! we hung out only for 1 whole day before i had to leave… 😦 i really really miss being around good ol’ friends who know my life stories and the real me, and vice versa… not acquaintances.. not “fake” friends… not “go out and have fun” friends.. not “let’s meet for dinner and talk crap, but really, i hardly know you” friends, but real real normal and special friends who really care and share…

this is one of my favorite songs, i used to love banging out this tune (my mum calls it banging, because she says i put in too much passion/strength/agility, but i think this songs requires that..) on the piano whenever i felt melancholic

and to end off on a chirpier note…

i went to dance class as a kid, and we pranced around to this fab tune all the time! 😀 love it love it miss it… you must play this song out loud and do the booty dance!!!

and i can’t wait for my belated 6 years anniversary gift from b.. :DD time flies by just like that..


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