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fashbash updates!!!

too many of you sweet folks have emailed/messaged/called me to ask for specifics, and we are too busy here to individually reply your emails and text messages (sorry if i missed your call and didn’t call back!!), so here goes!

What LOF goodies will be at this Wednesday’s FashBash?

—> TONS of Sale/Discounted Stuff of Samples/Prototypes/Final-Rejects
(Looks + functions perfectly great! Just some tiny weeny things that you will most likely not see/care about — I did an actual survey! So this is not bullshit! Ha! — that the perfectionist me wasn’t too happy with…) I have been hoarding them because the work that went into making each and every one of them do not justify the discounted prices AT ALL. Not a tiny bit. But no choice now! I’ve PLENTY to clear as our new 2009 Collection will be ready soon, and it’s a BIG space crunch at my TEENY workshop!! Because starting from our 2009 Collection, I am doing a minimum of 12 piece designs per collection! Weeee! And that needs plenty of space!
Prices from SG$10-SG$50

—> PAST Seasons’ Clearance!
Only this once, u will get our past seasons’ to-be-discontinued designs/items/fabric combinations and leftover odd-sizes of our tank tops at such super prices! This will not happen again nor be repeated online or anywhere else!!
Prices from SG$10.

—> VERY LIMITED NEW Items & Designs!
I will be bringing less than 5 Pieces each, from our current new collection, and sneak peaks of our 2009 Collection that is not available anywhere yet, not even online. Only a couple are currently available exclusively at some of our stockists outside of Singapore! They are all OOAK (One-Of-A-Kind Pieces) and you will be the 1st in Singapore to be seen carrying it on the streets! And forget about waiting for them to be on sale. If you don’t already know, our handmade exclusive bags hardly ever go on sale 😉 And, remember our feature in Seventeen Mag (Singapore)? Less than 6 Pieces of our OOAK arty hairpieces will be launched there too! Together with our vintage fabric brooches! Exciting!!

back to work for us here! see ya cute folks there! xoxoxo~

our online shoppers, DO NOT FRET! i am working triply hard to launch the new collection and new combinations as soon as this event is done. and i promise you that they will be different from those that i’m bringing to this bazaar which you can’t go to! so, that should be awesome news, yes?? i feel so terribly sorry reading all your one-liner sad emails….

only in Singapore? 😦
only for Singapore? 😦
you have forgotten about us who are not in Singapore, Lynda…

i have not!! really! promise!! i will work hard to make it a good launch online, yah!!
*muacks!* holiday shopping! here we come! ( ^_____________^ )

new designs and restocks are now up in the shoppe!


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