littleoddforest news

new positions now open!

we are hiring again!
temp full-time/part-time littleoddforest retail sales personel
i need at least 2 peeps urgently from
1st Nov – 31st Dec
9.45am – 9.30pm (1 hr lunch + 1 hr dinner)
1-2 shifts / flexible schedule
$6 per hr + 5% commission
full-timers preferred. part-timers welcome to apply too!
in singapore! orchard location! thanks!

you must LOVE LOVE LOVE littleoddforest to apply for this position!
eagerness to learn, gain new experiences, chalk up work points on your resume, paid internship, etc. etc… however you want to see it as!


  • must be super motivated, self-initiated, and responsible
  • big friendly smile, cheerful pleasant disposition
  • neat freak with great organizational abilities
  • detail oriented
  • creativity, chattiness, and hipness is a bonus
  • must be able to speak proper fluent english!!
  • previous experience not required but a plus point!

email your full details to info [at] with subject heading – HIRE ME PLEASE!
(1-liner email applications will be trashed immediately in a second!)

i will get in touch with you shortly only if you have been picked for an interview.
thank you for your super kind understanding and patience!!!


3 thoughts on “new positions now open!”

  1. >I love, love, love, love little odd forest! hire me hire me hire me!….oh… in singapore…oh.. hmm.. i guess that might be a bit of a problem….hmmmoh wel, i still love love love lof!

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