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private viewing bookings

littleoddforest’s private viewing sessions have been somewhat an open secret amongst many of our local regular customers these past couple of years, and with the onset of the coming holiday season (albeit a slower one with the current gloomy world economy), and the flooding of emails with more of such requests coupled with my lack of available timings and assistants, here’s a final reply to ya all cute ladies!

we are fully-booked all the way until 30 NOV.
next available dates are MON 1 DEC + TUE 2 DEC + WED 3 DEC (all filled)
and then WED 10 DEC + THUR 11 DEC + FRI 12 DEC
and then we’ll be closed until the coming new year!
for weekend viewings, i can try my best to squeeze in for sat mornings only. email with subject heading “private viewing” or else i’ll most probably never get to your emails in time.

muacks! gotta run!


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