littleoddforest news

delays in new collection mini-launch

due to overwhelming response to our private viewings for our mini-launch of our new collection, i had to delay the launch online and over at our counter at isetan scotts, until out last private viewing session is over, on saturday 13 dec. so the launch online and over at isetan is scheduled to be on monday 15 dec. littleoddforest’s last day at isetan scotts will be on christmas eve 24 dec, so you’ll still have many more days to shop there yah! it’s such a waste of time and effort to delete already-taken/edited photographs of the new designs when they are being snapped up every other day at our tiny tiny workshop…

don’t worry ya all! there will still be enough new stuff to go around for the rest of the year! don’t send me sobbing or hate emails, please! thank youuuuu! group hugs!

i’ve stuff to bitch about! some friends who already know what had happened had advised me against blabbing about it here, so i had already ranted in my private blog, but it’s just bugging me day in day out.. anyways, i already had the ranting posts saved in drafts in this blog few weeks ago, had to get the shiat out of my system asap, because it’s all poison. bad for my happy well-being. large corporations and work politics. you can kiss my sharp ass. we’ll see if i chicken out of posting them up later. i have like, a gazillion drafts that i had decided not to post eventually, over the years. i’m such a ‘BAWK!! bawk! bawk! bawk! bawk! bawk!…. ‘ wahahahah!


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