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sweaty dusty mothball-smelly me

some of you may already know that adding on to our already too-much-t0-handle madness this year-end , is the fact that we’re moving out from our current tiny storage space to a nice new clean airy place next year. woohoo! so in addition to all the usual ton of work i have to do, i have added on a new hat —> manual laborer ( -_____- “)

we (well, mostly it was just me…) have been digging, packing, cleaning, sweating, cursing, sniffing oohhing, and wowing away. other than the muscles built (comparable to my game of tennis) and new veins bulging, we have discovered so so so much hidden treasures, some all the way back from 3-4 years ago, our first few designs of purses, pouches, bags and tank tops!!! wahahahah!!!!! as i scrutinize the design, sewing and the pattern cutting of the long-ago thingies i made, i can’t help but give big smiles because i think we have come a long long way since those days 🙂

just 1 example from the many scenerios…
long long time ago, well, like 3 years ago :p i totally knew i made like 20pcs of that purse, but somehow, i sold only 16, and then the remaining 4pcs… went into some black hole and could never be found…. until a few days ago. laying quietly hidden in one of the big plastic boxes in the warehouse… wahahahah!!!! funny!!!! some of my most regular customers would have had first-hand experience with our inventory tardiness. oopps.

to cut the story short… because time waits not for dada… i will hoard stuff no more, so expect a treasure trove full of awesome handmade goodness from our past seasons’ collections for all you recessionistas out there at our stall 15 @ fashbash part 2, our last outing this year. for reals.

sneaky peakies :

fashbash part 2 sneaky peakies
as usual
sample sales (items that were used as samples/ displays at tradeshows and exhibitions overseas) i have more this time round because i just fired one of our agents and had to get an acquaintance to sorta force her to ship everything back to me. ha.
prototype designs/ designs that did not make it into our main collectioni have finally caved in and decided to bring in a bunch of these which i made but changed my mind about later.
new items with very minor flaws
and etc. etc. some accessories (brooches), plush toys, and home decor items.

so what’s different this time round?
only clearance items from past seasons’ collections will be available, all the way from our very 1st season’s collection, what we first made when we started out 3-4 years ago. woo! freshly dug out by moi.
– more than half of the stuff that will be there, were not available at our previous fashbash stint.
– and those that we are bringing back again this time will be on even better discounts.
– many of the past-collection purses i’m bringing there are 1-piece only, once gone, gone forever.
– if you missed some of our first few seasons’ tank tops, you better come early too. because i’m 110% sure now that i have no where else to magically dig them out from.
– a crazy stockist decided that she ordered some wrong items and we were forced to do an exchange for her since we state in our contract that no good items will be refunded for, even when the items were clearly made specially for her wholesale order. so she shipped 12 purses back to us BUT without their detachable straps. no explanations given. i bet she ate them all.
– all has to go. i need more space more than that little profit we’re getting from the huge discounts, if any at all.

there’s sure to be something for everyone. if you’re on a tight budget this year-end, but need to get your hands on some precious handmade colorful fabric goodness, and don’t really care that they are not fresh out of the oven, this is the one and only best place and time to come shoppity shop for some littleoddforest goodies, as precious gifts for yourself and your buddies. come join in the shopping, chatter and mindless banter! or regret forever. and come early! have you even seen the fashbash swag bags??? only 200 to be given away!!! that’s reason enough i think.

a big heyho! to the few dudes who wiped out almost all of our tank tops at our last fashbash for your gal pals (i wonder who those lucky girls are!)! you all have been so kickass awesome supportive during our last fashbash in october, that many of you were hankering us for some purses that were already sold out there forever. but that was then. since i have now found 1 more piece of that and that sold out pouch and more! ha! come again this time, we’ll make sure you won’t regret it! come help me clean out my storage space. so that i can make space to whip out many many more new goodies for you all for next year and many more years! and so that i can stop being a manual laborer, that is, until, our big move(s) next year. yikes.

fashbash part 2 sneaky peakies


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