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we are going to have a very HAPPY HOLIDAY…

no matter what.

happy holidays!


and tis the last day for you folks in singapore to head on down to our counter at isetan scotts! for 2008! wooowhooo! and i can have my break! finally!! 😀

things are literally flying off our shelves there, so please pardon the mish-mash display and appearance! and hurry down before it’s too late! do poke our littleoddforest fairy on duty today, sarah or christine, and ask them for help if you are wondering whether there are anymore items in the storeroom! and thank you all who went and shopped and bought and bought! *hugs!*

online shoppers! you still have another week! before our generous free shipping offer ends! it’s now or never. yes, we are very drama-mama this time of the year. we are super thankful for all your very sweet thank you emails. hey! whatever we can do to help us all in this time of worldwide suckiness, you know!

*pant* ok, gotta run. and not forgetting the party tonight too… i hope i can just lie there and not do anything tomorrow. nothing! i want to do nothing-ness! holidaayyyyysss….. *waves*


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