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work like an ox.

well, ok, not exactly. ha.

we are back at work here in littleoddforest! all outstanding orders have been promptly shipped out this morning as promised and all outstanding order-related emails will be replied to by this weekend! shelly will be keeping you updated weekly, as usual, starting next week.

not full steam ahead, yet. it’s only the 5th day of the 15 days of reunions, feasting, gatherings, visitations and more! but very soon yah, let us make merry for a little bit more while our friends abroad make their annual trip back to become “chinese” singaporeans again, only for a few precious days!
happy moo moo lunar new year!

i don’t like to be tied down, doing craft-related work whilst on holiday or on a break, so thankfully, had the foresight to make as many of our brand new peppywanders design – a figure of speech pin brooches and hair clips – as i could, before the chinese new year break. i can’t thank you all enough for showing your support for these! thank youuuu! 😀 i’m quite surprised, and super happy! surprised also because there are more orders for those words and fonts that i have picked to make, than for custom ones = lesser work and headache for me ;p

for those looking for something else, but are too passive to email me to ask for them, i guess i’ll be making some new variations later on, once i can! have also taken a few new rush shots of me wearing the hair clips at the very last minute, and will be uploading them as soon as we can – we have received quite a number of emails asking for model shots for size/proportions comparisions… i do apologise for stretching your visualization skills ;p

a brand new design from our new collection will be launched next week in the shoppe too, finally! as we charge ahead to complete some new wholesale orders for our stockists for spring! 😀 so do keep surfing by to the shoppe, i sure hope you’ll like them!

have a lovely weekend, folks! it’s going to be another crazy crazy weekend of gatherings, feasting and boozing for us! this will be my last year of collecting red packets, albeit embarrassingly, so i have to enjoy it while i still can… wahahaha.. muacks!


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