littleoddforest news

if we aren’t posting here as much….

it’s because we are busy busy! or twittering away when time permits! 😀
and sometimes i bitch in my private blog, but that’s just for me and a handful of peeps to know ;p

oh yah, and i met with a minor accident more than a week ago… just an accident, no one’s fault really… so don’t worry about it yah! you know who you are 😉 i had a couple of stitches on my forehead, and some bruises and cuts… no biggie. had my stitches removed last wednesday… now still nursing a scar… and everyone around me seems to be much more super upset than me myself… blah blah… haha.. why are YOU worrying about MY face?? dang. i’m suppose to keep out from the sun for a month, apply sunblock etc. (which just goes against my lifestyle preferences but i obeyed anyways), and it was a very funny sight indeed yesterday (it was super hot and sunny), when we had to walk across a big lawn, and suddenly from out of nowhere, out shot 3 pairs of hands right above my forehead, in front of my face, trying their best to shield my scar from mister sun. my dear friends and b… tsk.. haha
i’m not being ungrateful or unappreciative or anything bad like that…. nooo! in fact, big hugs!!!
it’s just that…. oh nevermind… i just deleted a huge chunk of stuff i had typed out. haha! that’s why my private blog is better :p

this week’s weekly updates is up! albeit a small one
expect a big big update this weekend and next week!
as our schedule this week is filled with appointments, meetings and deliveries!
my fingers are super tired from making all those orders of our speech bubble brooches and hair clips… need to rest ’em today!! urgh.
catcha later~ tata! *muacks!


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