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is it only march?????

maybe i should be thankful that it is only march. or else i would be completely missing all my datelines…

– daily littleoddforest work stuff
– 4 design / crafting projects at hand
– people hounding me every day for project progress… proposals… confirmations…
– people hounding me every day for dates.. dates… dates… details….
– friends hounding me for postponing lunch and dinner dates…. i’m only free for drinks/supper late @ night!!!!
– rushing new spring/summer wholesale orders
– dealing with fickle-minded buyers…
– trying to solve relationship problems amongst my sewers..
– dealing with my contractor for new home renovations
– problems
– shopping for furniture, lights and fixtures
– problems
– preparing 3 parties / gatherings
– 1 party for ourselves in may :p
– getting cold feet as date draws near..
– caterers, photographers, cakes, decorations, clothes…
– presentssss…. weddings, birthdays, graduation, baby 1st month… blahhh….
– 1 small trip to finish up supplies buying this 1st half of the year
– making sure i don’t bust my budget
– hounding 2 stockists for payment else i can’t complete my 2008 closing accounts!!!!
– dealing with phone buzzing every other half hour…
– dealing with complaints and a dirty unhygienic tenant at the other place…

june 2009 should actually be december 2009.
and i would have completed my whole year of things to do.


shoppe updates are up by the way!
more coming up too! so watch out for them! new designs? *wink wink*
apologies for the sold out items…
shelly is busy helping me pack wholesale orders… and not afraid to groan about it either :p

gambling, casinos, golf, and sports cars…. ahhhh mister ong…. how your life has changed… ha.

ok, ciao bellas~
damn phone ringing again…


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