fashion art japan

i love artsy designers…

not crazy artsy
but lovely artsy.

a new friend i got to know through tc just came back with some minä perhonen (2 dresses, 1 bag and 1 purse to be exact), by tokyo-based designer akira minagawa, whom i raved about during a drinking session some months back, after i got back from my japan trip….

i need to go back. kyoto this time. argh.

we love his avant-garde japanesque artsy style, hand-drawn prints and textiles, he has also published several art books, and i particularly love that he does not follow market trends and yet does well commercially. an inspiration, yes?


1 thought on “i love artsy designers…”

  1. >Oh yes you need to definitely drop by kyoto the next time you’re there! I stumbled onto their little shop by accident as I was cycling past go-jo street to get to an arts supply store. Such is the fabulousness of just wandering around — you’ll never know what you’ll find.

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